World of English Vol. 1 網上訂購
英語 (英文字幕)
1 DVD + Activity Book Set

Episode 1: What Do You Do All Day?

Your child will pick up more than 30 verbs from this volume. Join the children as they try to come up with a list of verbs required by Andy's teacher.

Episode 2: Name A Noun
Be amazed by the number of nouns Andy, Amber and Dig can find through the treasure hunt in their school carnival. Can you help them find the noun through the many clues given?

Episode 3: All Creatures Big & Small
Let's help Amber recall the names of animals she saw at the zoo earlier as she describes them. Do you know the name of an ugly, long scaly creature with short legs?

Episode 4: Amber Goes Shopping
Shopping has never been so fun for Amber, her father and Dig. Help Amber choose the best buy as she learns antonyms along the way.