The Word Machine Vol. 1 網上訂購
英/粵語 (中,英文字幕)

Learning phonics can be real fun with Aidan Cook and the amazing word machine! Put letters together, take them apart, play with words and experiment with sounds in this enjoyable yet educational DVD.
The Word Machine is an excellent DVD that introduces beginners to phonics and reinforces what has already been learnt. Each programme has a single teaching focus that centers around one particular group of phonemes to ensure a systematic yet enjoyable learning process for your child.

Word Machine DVD中的每一單元均以由淺入深,循序漸進的方法去教授各種學習Phonics的竅門。當中他們會以各種趣味性的 方法去令小朋友掌握到正統的英語發音。
「The Word Machine」這一套出色的Phonics教學光碟,可令小孩學會透過Phonics發音法成功閱讀,並儘早奠定學習的基礎。

1. The Big, Big Book
Initial single letter phonemes

2. Finish It Off
Final single letter phonemes

3. Look for the H!
Initial ch, sh

4. Rhyme Time
Onset and rime

5. The Big Bog Bug
Words with short vowel

6. Get a Pet!
Words with short vowel

7. The Fix-it Kid
Words with short vowel

8. The Map Top Lot
Words with short vowel

9. Mum's the Word
Words with short vowel

10. The Friendly Enders
Words ending in ff,ll,ss,ck,ng

11. The Consonants
Words beginning - bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl

12. The Crab and Frog
Words beginning - br, cr,dr, fr, gr, pr, tr

13. The Swan Twin
Words beginning - sw, tw


The Word Machine Vol. 2 網上訂購
英/粵語 (中,英文字幕)

1. Snap and Spell
Words beginning - sc, sk, sm, sn, sp, st

2. Join the Q- Words beginning - qu, squ

3. The Triple Blenders
Words beginning - scr, spl, spr,str

4. The Giant Vest
Words ending - sc,sk,sp,st

5. The Blend Camp
Words ending - mp, nd, nk, nt, nch

6.Good as Gold
Words ending - ld, lp,lk,it,lth

7. My Messy Loft
Words ending - ct, ft, pt,xt

8. The Green Queens and the Dream Team
Long vowel phoneme - ee

9. The Tale of a Tail
Long vowel phoneme – ai

10. Five Wilde Mice
Long vowel phoneme – ie

11. The Joke Zone
Long vowel phoneme – oa

12. Choose That Tune
Long vowel phoneme – oo