Oswald - A Nice Quiet Picnic & other stories 網上訂購
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Flippy the Fish
Oswald and Weenie buy a tiny fish named Flippy. But Flippy starts eating and grows so big and they can't accommodate her. Reluctantly, Oswald and Weenie decide to send her to the Big City Aquarium, where Flippy and her famous 'flip' become the star attraction.

Autumn Leaves
While Oswald and Weenie enjoy playing in the leaves, Henry insists that they rake them into a neat pile. But all their attempts to do so are frustrated and Henry realizes some things just can't be tidied up. Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em: Henry jumps into the leaves with Oswald and Weenie, and, much to his surprise has a great time.

A Nice Quiet Picnic
Oswald, Weenie and Henry go on a picnic. Henry only makes enough food for three, but Oswald keeps inviting friends to join them. Henry's worry over the lack of food grows until he's ready to call the whole thing off. Luckily, when they realize the problem, everyone manages to contribute something special to the picnic, and it turns into a big happy party.

Cloud Collecting
Oswald admires his friends' collection of various objects, and starts his own collection of clouds. However, Oswald soon realizes that clouds are something beautiful to be admired and meant for everyone.
Oswald - Fixing the Piano & other stories 網上訂購
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Fixing The Piano
Oswald's piano has one way that's way off-key, thanks to an unseen ladybird who crawls under the lid. Oswald decides to take the piano to Maestro Bingo's Music Shop where it will be fixed. On the way, he encounters his friends in numerous predicaments - each time the piano comes in handy helping them out. At the Music Shop,Maestro Bingo prescribes several cures, but nothing works. Finally, the ladybird crawls out of the piano- problem solved!

Daisy And the Duckling
Oswald and Daisy find a duckling who's lost her mother. With the help of the Egg Twins, Madame Butterfly and Johnny Snowman, they search all over town, but can't find her anywhere. Daisy grows fond of the duckling as it reaches out to her for comfort but, when they find its mother, she reluctantly accepts the duckling is back where she belongs.

The Double Date
Oswald inadvertently makes a date with Henry at the same time he is supposed to be out with Daisy. He tries to do both without telling them. As he runs back and forth, he gets confused. Finally , he confesses and they decide to combine both activities so that they can all be together.

The Sniffles
Oswald goes out to get some cocoa and a newspaper for Henry, who has a bad case of the Arctic Sniffles. On the way, Oswald encounters his friends, who all prescribe different cures - soup, warm clothes, and cough drops. Oswald winds up laden down with the various remedies, and get caught in a rainstorm as he staggers back home. By then Henry is feeling better, and Oswald is the one with the sniffles!
Oswald - Goodbye Best Friend & other stories 網上訂購
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Goodbye Best Friend
When Henry's Cousin Louie comes to stay, Henry starts feeling homesick. He decides to go back with Louie and sad Oswald tells all of their friends. They gather at the bus stop to wish Henry bon voyage when suddenly a gust of wind takes the party balloons up into air - along with Catrina! Everyone ends up hanging onto the balloons and Henry has to make a choice - save his friends or catch the bus...

The Broken Vase
Daisy breaks Henry's favorite fish vase. Oswald advises her to tell Henry what happened , but Daisy is worried that Henry will be angry with her. She tries to mend the vase, buy a new one, and make a replica, but all her efforts fail. Daisy finally confesses the truth to Henry only to discover he has an entire cupboard full of fish vases!

Odd One Out
Oswald is excited to meet Henry's cousin. Louie, but as the penguins catch up on old times, Oswald feels left out. Convinced they don't want him around. Oswald goes home. The penguins suddenly notice Oswald is missing and seek him out. Henry tells Louie what a great friend Oswald is. Happy again, Oswald plays the piano as Henry and Louie dance the Penguin Polka together.

The Tomato Garden
Oswald plants a tomato plant in his back garden. It quickly produces a juicy red tomato . But the next morning the fruit is half eaten by a snail. Oswald and Weenie plant some more plants. The vines produce many tomatoes. But overnight snails eat them again. Frustrated, Oswald moves the plants into the house, but he worries that the snails may be hungry. He then leaves half the plants in the garden for the snails and grows the rest on the windowsill for him and Weenie!
Oswald - I Guess You Never know & other stories 網上訂購
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Big Banana
What do you do when the banana seed you plant turns into the biggest banana ever seen in Big City? Invent Big Banana Day and share it with all your friends of course!

Catrina's Birthday Cake
Oswald bakes baby Catrina a huge eight- tiered birthday cake. He's horrified when he collides with the Egg Twins and everything except the tiny cupcake on top ends up in Big Pond. Till he realizes that cupcake is the perfect size for tiny Catrina!

Leaky Tap
When Oswald tries to fix the leaky tap in his kitchen, the pipe bursts and water floods Big City. It's Oswald to the rescue...

I Guess You Never Know
Henry doesn't share best-friend Oswald's love of surprises - until Oswald shows him that life is much more fun when you never know wha's going to happen next...
Oswald - One More Marshmallow & other stories 網上訂購
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Even with eight feet, Oswald finds rollerskating a challenge. He's ready to give up when Catrina's pram hurtles towards Big Pond and only he can save her...

Spending your very first sleepover at someone else's house isn't at all the same as being at home. But Oswald and Weenie soon find that trying out new things is fun.

Daisy Plays an Instrument
Daisy's attempts to play the piano just don't sound right. But then she discovers the bongos...

One More Marshmallow
When Oswald sets out to get Henry another marshmallow to go with his cocoa, he doesn't dream he'll end up high in the sky above Big City...
Oswald - The Big Parade & other stories 網上訂購
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Pongo the Friendly Dragon
Pongo, a loveable Chinese dragon, becomes Oswald's best friend after Oswald helps him out of a tough spot. Pongo is clumsy and creates havoc and he decides he just doesn't belong. Oswald shows Pongo he fits in wherever.

The Go-Kart Race
Oswald and Weenie are preparing to race in the Big City Go-Kart Race. But Oswald is so busy helping his friends get ready, he misses the start. He trails, but catches up quickly as everyone else's go-karts fall apart. Oswald gives them all a lift and they cross hr finish line together to share first prize - a trophy full of ice cream.

The Big Parade
Oswald wakes up to hear the sounds of a parade passing outside his window. He and Weenie persuade Henry and Daisy to come to the parade, where Oswald promises them all kinds of exciting sights. But it turns out there is no parade - just Steve Tree carrying a radio. Henry and Daisy are annoyed that Oswald got them all worked up for nothing. But Oswald tells them they can have their own parade, and he organizes a makeshift band to march through Big City Park.

Henry Wants to fly
Henry is sad because he can't fly like other birds, Oswald and Daisy try to help him realize his dream. Madame Butterfly gives him wing-flapping lessons, Daisy pushes him around on her unicycle, they all try to stir up a breeze, but nothing can get him airborne. Then the Egg Twins blow a giant bubble that envelops Henry and flies him over Big City!
Oswald - The Camping Trip & other stories 網上訂購
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The Polka Dot Umbrella
An old umbrella latches on to Oswald in Big City Park - and won't let go!

The Camping Trip
Oswald, Weenie, Daisy and Henry's camping is rained off. Til Oswald realizes that pitching your tent indoors can be just as much fun as the great outdoors and a lot drier!

Ball of Yarn
When Weenie's favorite toy bounces out of the flat and starts to unravel, it wreaks havoc in Big City. But there are lots of fun things you can do with a ball of yarn too...

Chasing the Ice Cream Truck
How can you lose an Ice Cream Truck? In Big City, anything's possible!
Oswald - The Naughty Cat & other stories 網上訂購
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The Naughty Cat
Oswald offers to watch Roderick Robot's mechanical cat, Tinsel while Roderick gets a buff and shine at the Barber Shop

The Giant Egg
Oswald, Weenie and Madame Butterfly discover a huge egg in the park. Oswald decides to take the egg home to his flat where it will be safe.

The Sticky Situation
Oswald and Daisy are making sticky honey buns, but they end up being stuck to the dough.

Perfect Match
Pongo the Friendly Dragon is sad because he doesn't have anyone his size to play with.
Oswald - The Pet Show & other stories 網上訂購
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The Pet Show
Oswald takes Weenie to the Big City Pet Show. There are a number of interesting pets competing - but Oswald is sure that Weenie will win the first prize.

Bird Watching
WOswald and Daisy go bird watching. Oswald tells Daisy she has to be quiet and still. But Daisy is too full of energy - each time they find a bird, she makes a noise and scares it away.

Snow To Go
He is on a hot sunny day, Oswald and friends decide to go to Johnny's Snowcone Shop to get some delicious snow cones. But Johnny Snowman has run out of snow!

Going Fishing
Oswald, Weenie, Henry and Daisy head to Big Lake on a fishing trip. Everyone is very excited, especially Henry who's looking forward to catching his favorite waggle fish and showing off his fishing skills..
Oswald - The Sand Sculpture Contest & other stories 網上訂購
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Job For A Day
Oswald takes over the ice cream route when Johnny Snowman has the sniffles.

Tutti-Fruitti Pie
Oswald and Weenie offer to pick tutti-fruits for Madame Butterfly so that she can make their favorite pie.

A Day At The Beach
Henry is reluctant to go to the beach with Oswald and Daisy because he hates getting wet, but Oswald eventually manages to persuade him.

The Sand Sculpture Contest
The Annual Big City Sand Sculpture Contest is taking place at the beach, and Oswald is judging the final entries.